What is EVOO?

http://ckgbooks.com/anja/258 To put it simply: Extra Virgin Olive Oil = fresh, seasonal fruit juice.

s'inscrire sur un site de rencontre aprГЁs une rupture Just like your fresh greens and tomatoes from the farmers market, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is seasonal and you want to consume the freshest, healthiest, tastiest harvest possible! That’s why one of the most important things to look for when purchasing an EVOO is the crush date (when it was harvested). Best before dates hold no significance when choosing an olive oil, because there are no regulations forcing markets to remove old olive oil from their shelves. When an olive oil is left on store shelves it oxidizes and decomposes, creating free radicals and unpleasant flavors. We rotate between two harvests to ensure you’re consuming the freshest, tastiest, healthiest EVOO at any time of the year. Northern hemisphere EVOOs (from the Mediterranean and California) are crushed in the fall, and Southern hemisphere EVOOs (Australia, Argentina, and Chile to name a few) are crushed in the spring. This is where our name takes it’s meaning; “Olive del Mondo” means “Olives of the World” in Italian.

http://bardoelias.com.br/?karavan=que-desse-simples-namoro-venha-uma-linda-familia&957=b7 from our friends at Olive del Mondo

http://www.topcanon.fr/figase/opie/4062 I like science. So when I learned about the science of extra virgin olive oils, I drank the koolaide. The fact is, it just plain tastes better too. Mrs Kitchen Drudge and I use a lot of olive oil; often in dishes where the taste makes a real difference. Oil and vinegar salad dressings allow the real flavor of the oil to come through, so you want a really good, actually extra virgin, olive oil.

Buying EVOO at a supermarket is a gamble. This kitchen drudge shops for his EVOO at Olive del Mondo, at 815 Hope St. in Providence. Ok, it’s walking distance from our kitchen, but there’s lot’s more to this choice. First and foremost, the shop is locally owned and operated by Sal and Jennifer Fuccillo. I like buying local, especially when the products are superior. Not only do they sell varieties of EVOO, but there are infused versions too. And what would a great EVOO be without great vinegars to accompany them. The best part? All of these oils and vinegars are available for tasting before you make your selections.

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