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http://laborexame.com.br/sys/wp-content/themes/labexames/assets/js/libs/owlcarousel/owl.theme.css?ver=1.0 A drudge is someone who toils, a servant, gofer, even a “bottle washer”. I do toil in my kitchen and I certainly wash bottles, but it is all with great enthusiasm.

femme kabyle cherche mariage I owe much to my mother, who taught me basic kitchen skills as a kid. Nothing fancy mind you, but I knew how a kitchen and most of the tools in it worked. And to Toni, my loyal kitchen companion for the last three and half decades; cooking together is always an adventure. Toni spent one summer on Cape Cod, cooking her way through the CIA Cookbook. That’s the Culinary Institute of America, I don’t think the Central Intelligence Agency has a cookbook. Other kitchen inspiration came from Toni’s parents, both very good Italian cooks.

rencontre des femmes celibataires en cote d'ivoire But my fearlessness in the kitchen comes from a baker. A few years back I took some bread baking classes from Amy Lozier, proprietor of Omega Artisan Baking in Columbus OH. She taught me to be a much better baker, but she also taught me to just keep tryin’ stuff. So I do.

rencontre dieulefit the Kitchen Drudge, is my personal recipe blog. When I started blogging regularly for Bucket Brewery in Pawtucket RI, I knew I had to find a home for my other culinary musings. So here, you’ll find all my Bucket Beer recipes cross-posted, as well as other recipes and musings that don’t fit in at Bucket’s Kitchen.

partnersuche ab 50 dresden your humble blogger & kitchen drudge,


Timothy Sadler

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it is an excerpt from Morning Bakers by Ruth Gorton. The original was given to me by my dear friends Jay O. Sanders and Maryann Plunkett. I have used it without Ruth’s explicit permission, but I hope she will enjoy seeing it here. I get to enjoy it daily, as I toil in my kitchen where it hangs, lovingly.


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  1. MFM

    Love seeing you here! When I am all settled in my new southern kitchen, I’ll try all your wonderful recipes! They all look dee-lish!


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