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Caribbean Conch Chowder

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Ingredients 2 pounds conch 6 tablespoons lime juice 8 oz can tomato paste 8 strips bacon 2 onions 8 cloves garlic 8 oz bag of small carrots 8 oz celery 1 can whole tomatoes 1/2 cup dark rum Old Bay spice, salt and pepper to taste

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their website So here I am, a New England winter storm refugee, hiding on Pine Island with good friends Kim and Claudia. (Disclaimer: Claudia is actually still in New England, call me crazy, but will be here soon!) I had some conch fritters the other day and remembered I had this great recipe for conch chowder, made in the Caribbean style; red base as opposed to white. I’m good at béchamel sauce, the base for many “white” chowders, particularly in New England, but I really prefer a tomato based chowder. Honestly, I have no idea where you can buy fresh conch; other than here in Florida. I’m told that this is Ecuadorian conch, not from native waters, but hey its a fucking recipe. If it sounds good to you, go find some conch, already.

la rencontre avec l'autre l'amour l'amitié Peel and quarter the onions, peel the garlic and the carrots if they need it. Toss all these in oil and pre-roast for about 45 minutes at 350.

I like to buy my conch whole and use the meat grinder to chop and tenderize it at the same time. But chopped conch works well too. You can even consider re-grinding it, as I did this time, adding the lime juice to the grind; tenderizing and seasoning in one step! So grind the conch in the meat grinder. Whisk together lime juice and tomato paste in a large bowl, add conch and set aside to marinate.

Cut up the bacon and start to cook it in your soup pot. When it starts to render some fat add the celery, Old Bay spice, salt and pepper and sauté until the bacon is almost cooked and the celery turns translucent. Pour off most of the bacon fat, retaining it for other wonderful dish. (I left it all in this time. I’m starting to worry less about my arteries.)

Strain the canned tomatoes, add the juice to the pot, crush or coarsely chop tomatoes and add them to the pot.

Chop the roasted vegetables coarsely in a food processor and add to the pot.

Add the conch mixture, then the rum and salt pepper to taste.

Bring to boil, then simmer for 2 hours

This chowder is even better cooled and reheated the second and third days. Like so many other dishes, the refrigeration intensitifies the flavor. It also freezes very well. I usually make some days ahead, freeze and reheat.

For non-pork consumers, I have substituted a dark cream stout for the bacon with wonderful results. You'll want to reduce the amount of the juice from the tomatoes in this case.

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Blackstone Valley Culinaria Comes to Bucket Brewery


Blackstone Valley Tourism Council brought Culinaria to Bucket Brewery last night. Blackstone Culinaria is an ongoing food tour of Blackstone Valley establishments, designed to acquaint area residents and visitor alike with comestible venues throughout the area. The hook that separates this food tour from other dining out experiences is the included demonstration provided by the the night’s hosts.

In the Case of Bucket Brewery Brewmaster, Erik Aslaksen, was on hand to provide an in-depth tour of the brewery as well as a beer tasting. Even the Kitchen Drudge got into the act, by providing snacks to pair with the Bucket brews.

The evening was conducted by BVTC Special Projects Manager, Lisa Castellone and council President Bob Billington was also on hand to greet guests.

Brews tasted were Pawtucket Pail Ale, Bucket of Gratitude (BOG) cranberry-orange farmhouse ale, 13th Original Maple Stout and Park Loop Porter. Erik even went out on a limb and mixed up a pitcher of my Watermelon Shandy, which was a surprise hit!

Bucket Multigrain Beer Bread made and appearance along with some tasty cheese and chili oil cocktail crackers and sweet sneek-peek (and taste) of the Kitchen Drudge’s Bucket Brewery Pawtucket Pail Ale Butter Caramels.

Some of the Kitchen Drudge’s past recipe posts were discussed and debated. Here are some reminder links for those who chatted with me last evening:

Maple Stout Glazed Salmon

Pork Steaks in Park Loop Porter Marinade

Park Loop Pulled Pork

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the Kitchen Drudge

June 3, 2014


Another Bucket Brewery Beer Tasting at Blaze East Side , at 776 Hope Street, Providence! The last one was a great beer and food evening. The Kitchen Drudge will be there, will you?